500 Forrestal Road, Cape May Airport, NJ 08242.  

Special Exhibit Areas

The Aviation Museum has a number of special exhibit rooms that highlight certain aspects of history. Come visit the museum to see the historical artifacts and photographs that make up these exhibit areas!

1940’s Room

Step back into the 1940s with this special exhibit room! Featuring an assortment of household artifacts from the 1940s, this room recreates a typical house during WWII. Visit the museum to see the detail that was used in assembling artifacts for this room! 

Coast Guard Area

The Coast Guard Area serves as a tribute to the history of Coast Guard Training Center Cape May and the rich history of Coast Guard presence in South Jersey. The area features a number of points-of-interest, including the museum’s HH-52A Seaguard helicopter (you can climb in it!), the All Available Boats exhibit, a 41′ patrol boat and a C-130 simulator game! Visit the Coast Guard Area to experience Coast Guard history.

Radio Room

Visit the Radio Room (located in the center of the hangar) to view 1940s era radios and other communication devices! The room features a number of artifacts, detailing how messages were relayed during WWII.

Hangar Cafe

The Hangar Café, decorated with a variety of Coca Cola product signs and merchandise, is the perfect space for birthday parties, business meetings or other small gatherings.
Call the museum at 
(609) 886-8787, and ask for rates and availability.
Party packages are available to suit almost every need.

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